Fall Fashion Favorites

Fall Favorites & Wish Items
Crisp air, fresh apples, bright pumpkins, are all great things about one of my favorite seasons that always feels like a fresh start. Throughout high school and college I took the fall school semester more seriously than a new year each January! Even though I’m no longer in school, Fall still has a tendency to make things feel like a new beginning. I think it makes me feel like it’s time to “get down to business” plan something or start on that next project. Often my ‘plans’ or ‘project’ include fashion. What I love about Fall fashion is that so many items can be used throughout Winter or put away and brought back out for Spring. It’s like pulling out a new wardrobe when that temperature finally drops! Here’s a list of my fall favorites.

This year I was excited for boots and outerwear season! A few things are on my essential list. For example, the gray Seychelles Garnet boots. Last year I bought these right before an impromptu trip to San Francisco accompanying the fiancé, now husband, on his business trip. I walked many city blocks in those bad boys gazing through museums, hunting through shop, and stumbling into cafes without any sourness. I fell hard for them and ended up wearing them to work almost everyday last winter.

I have a lot of ‘Wish List’ items and Hunter Boots is one of them. These beauts are steep for a piece of rubber, but they last forever. Their simple and sleek design say “Yes, I know I’m wearing wellies and they still coordinate with my outfit.” I might be putting these on my Christmas wish list and request the socks that go in them as well.

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol blazer? This J Crew blazer jacket is so versatile it could get dressed down with jeans, dressed up with a high-waist skirt, or paired with your favorite pair of black pants and worn to work.

Okay, I have a ‘J. Crew problem’ meaning that they literally read my mind about exactly what I want and come out with it every season. J. Crew is my style twin. I love that stuff like I love cheese. (Born in Wisconsin, woot woot!) No surprise that this J Crew down vest is on my essentials list. I want it in ‘Pack green’. Vests are great because they keep your core warm but your arms feeling free. It’s great with a long sleeve T, a sweater, or on top of a chambray shirt. I would LOVE to have one by the time we go on my Walker-family Annual Cheese Run through western Wisconsin. We will see.

Every girl has a dream of that one iconic fashion item that they wish they could add to their wardrobe and mine is the Burberry Trench Coat. #$%@% Sorry, just whipping drool off my laptop. It is such a beautiful piece that is absolutely timeless. This is the kind of item that you take care of for years and then pass on to your future trendy daughter to start her on the road to a having a classy and timeless wardrobe. Someday, when we’re not trying to save for a house or pay off our student loans, I will start a ‘trench fund’ and I will add this puppy to my litter of outerwear!

I may have pulled a ‘good little sister’ and ‘bad little sister’ move this summer. As the ‘good little sister’ I told my sister’s boyfriend (now fiancé, yay!) that I think I found her the perfect crossbody purse for her birthday in June. I sent him the link for the L L Bean Signature Leather Crossbody and basically told him he should get it ‘Burgundy’. Come August, my loving husband is looking for hints about what I wanted for my birthday at the end of the month and I told him the same purse but in ‘Saddle,’ already knowing that it was sold out online in that color and he would have to go to the store to see if he had a chance. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the ‘Saddle’ color at the giant LL Bean store at Mall of America and got the ‘Burgundy’ just in case. The ‘bad little sister’ part is that I ended up keeping it, loving it, and now my sister and I have matching purses. She doesn’t mind but in public we look pretty annoying, ha.I know there are so many Fall essentials, and I’m obsessed with finding ‘the best’, what would you add to the list?


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