Monday Vibes:


In May I was telling my coworkers that we wanted to go to a few dog rescue Meet & Greets and that there was one the upcoming weekend. They all explained “You’re getting a puppy!” and I replied “No no, we’re just going to experience it and get to know the process.” We walked into Safe Hand Rescue Meet &

The moment we feel in love.

Greet, hunkered down our butts on the floor and played with a few liters of puppies. Low and behold this little espresso macchiato colored pup came right up to us and crawled into our laps. The foster-momma said to us “That’s Marnie, she’s the alpha of the group and bosses the other two pups around.” We smiled and looked at each other. We were in love.

Only a month after we got married, we got Lucia (Lou-sha). (Highly suggested NOT to do this, wait longer than a month after getting married!) Her name comes from the island of St. Lucia where we spent our honeymoon. She is a dachshund-beagle mix along with some terrier.We knew it would be a lot of work but in an upper duplex apartment, we didn’t realize just how much it would be.

Lucia 12 weeks, the day she was dropped off at our place by her foster-momma.

Some of her puppy energy is wearing off now. Thank God! It’s been long and strenuous road. She brings a lot of joy to our lives with her friendly personality (she loves every dog and nearly every human), playful demeanor, and little quirks.

Monday mornings are always extra difficult when you have a cuddly puppy around. Every weekend she let’s us sleep in till 8:30 or so. Once the weekend is over she wants to sleep in and we’re the ones that have to pull ourselves out of bed. She was being extra dramatic this morning, as am I. I want to stay home with her but alas, I had to go into the office today. The top picture just perfectly sums up how I feel most Monday mornings.

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