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Moving Day Outfit

Moving Day

J Crew Vintage Cotton long sleeve tee, / J Crew Perfect Fit long sleeve tee, / J Crew Down Vest, / Banana Republic stretch jeans , / NIKE sports socks, $16 / TOMS navy shoes / Cuff beanie

Our apartment is is about 75% packed now. We’ve done a little bit each day and boy does it make a difference in stress levels! The excitement is building and I am going to pack the rest of my wardrobe up this weekend. Because of that, I’m thinking about what I want to wear on our glorious Moving Day. I have to make sure I leave out the right items for the days leading up to our big move.

It’s important when you’re moving to wear sneakers and jeans (if it’s cool out). If you wear your favorite yoga pants they could snag on something and then say good buy to the perfect Saturday comfy outfit! If you wear flip flops or flats, you’re bound to trip on something, get them stepped on, and have aching feet by end of day. Dress in layers up top so you can easily shed them when you warm up.

Let’s start with the basics I chose. Jeans and sneakers…


BR Zero Gravity Skinny Ankle Jean in Medium Wash. These jeans are like heaven, hugging my curves just right and stopping just above my ankle bally-bone (what is that called anyways?). They are perfect with sneakers/low-cut socks or any kind of boots.

I have been pretty much the same size since age 15. I may have lost some ‘baby weight’ at age 19 but roughly have stayed the same hour glass/pear shape since 2005. My clothing choices are 75% fit driven. Pants are always a struggle, as I’m 5″8 and my hips don’t lie. Once I find a pair I like I buy them no matter the price. (I usually try to avoid trying anything more than $130 for denim. My opinion is that spending that chunk of change is better than never wearing a cheaper pair that doesn’t fit.) I got my first pair of Zero Gravity jeans 30% and plan on buying them in Rinse Wash next now that there’s 40%! Rarely do I buy full price at places like BR or  J Crew.

Sneakers & Low Socks

I’m sorry I’m teasing, because these TOMS Sneakers no longer sold but they have many other great sneakers, just click here. I got mine on-sale this summer at Dillard’s while visiting the in-laws. I still love that TOMS gives a pair for a pair to children around the world. It’s a great model and they have awesome products.

I’m obsessed with Nike socks, especially these No Show Cushion Socks for sneakers. I am that person whom for years flipped her white socks over to see the impression to figure out which one of put on the right foot and left foot. #OCD much? Nike does the work for me and puts a little “L” and “R” on each sock. I’ve been in love ever since my first pack of Nike crew socks.

Long Sleeve T’s and Vest

You gotta dress in layers when moving in Minnesota between the months of September through May. I’ll be wearing a long sleeve t and my new J. Crew Down Vest (I KNEW it would go on sale!). My two favorite long sleeve Ts are the Perfect-Fit (I swear it makes you look skinnier and the Vintage Cotton (a bit lighter, more breathable). Obviously, never buy these full price unless you absolutely HAVE to HAVE a certain color. Just so happens my favorite Jade Green in the Perfect Fit is on sale, I need to hop on that. Also suggested, a vest to wear on top as an easily shed-able layer for the day and most have great pockets! Target also has some great inexpensive options for base layers.

Hats and Head Bands

Not only is a hat essential for November in Minnesota, but this will help keep your hair outta your face while you’re tossing boxes and unloading your car for the last time. This beanie is from Love Your Melon, a non-profit set out to raise money for pediatric cancer. They donate thousands of hats to children battling cancer and spread the word about these little heroes that battle each day to stay strong. Read more about their Mission here. They started as two Sophomores in collage here in the Twin Cities!

(Not shown) If it’s especially warm out or you got a lot of hair like myself, Aerie has a bunch of great headbands to do the job of keep all the wispies out of your game-face. (Yet another brand with a clear mission and an effect in people’s lives!)

Those are my top picks, let me know what are you favorites or what is your go-to outfit for getting-stuff-done!


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