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Nov 10th 2016

This was a good reflection from myself while we were closing on our house:

Last night (11/9/16) we had one last walk-through of the house before the Closing today.

Walking through the halls I could not believe that it was going to be ‘ours’.

I grew up in a small apartment in a not-always-nice neighborhood. I never had my own space. I spent most my time trying to escape the crowd of 4 and sometimes 5 other people in our 3 hardly ‘legal’ bedrooms. (Only one bedroom had a closet and also only had French doors you could hear through.) When I was a kid I spent my summer hours at the park. When I was a teenager I spent my time and few dollars in coffee shops. My parents never owned a house because they couldn’t financially. They got really close a few times, but things fell through.

I always dreamed of my ‘future home’. Somewhere with lots of space and nooks and crannies. Somewhere I could make my own. I just never thought I’d own my dream house before 30 and before having kids.

I feel really blessed my husband and I were able to make this happen. Momentous occasions like this remind me of my own resilience.

Once upon a day in September 2000 I was a 10 year old attending her first day of school EVER that could barely read and now I’m a women that has graduated college, started her career, and accomplished most of her personal goals by age 25.

Now I’m trying to come up with the next set of goals to set my mind to!


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