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It’s been a busy few months. After moving in November 11th, a day after we closed on our new house, it was a race to Christmas getting ready to host my entire family. I look back on the day we moved in, it was so surreal. Once my family came over after the movers left, it felt more like a home than a big house filled with boxes.

My family is about 15 people in total. My parents, 4 siblings, 4 significant others, 3 nephews/niece, and of course my husband & I. You know those big loud families in the movies that never stop talking and laughing? That’s my family. We have always had a good time getting together but cramming into my parents apartment has been getting more challenging.

Our decision of buying a ‘big house’ was influenced by us wanting to host my family over for events. We hoped a big house would allow everyone have a nook or cranny to go to when they wanted to have side conversations or merely escape the chaos (ha!) Christmas went great without a hitch. (Okay, maybe one hitch that included Nerf guns and red wine on my white cabinets. I admit it was partially my fault) Everyone agreed that it was nice to have more space for talking, cooking, and hanging around.

Slowly we have further settled in over the months. Finally hung things on the wall, which seems like the hardest project to start. Furniture from various family members is showing up and filling some of our more empty rooms. Now there’s a real guestroom with a queen bed, bedside tables, and chair! Having a new home is like having a blank canvas, we filled a lot of space with hand-me-downs and nice craigslist items, but I’m looking forward to more thoughtfully putting some the rooms together in the future.

My first sights are on the formal living room. Our family room off our kitchen is already pretty cozy and put together, so I want to focus on the formal living room that is right off the main entry way.

I have new admiration for those whom have homes that have a lived-in feel while still having design flair and thought put into them. I hope I can achieve this over time!

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