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One Year Review: HUNTER Adjustable Calf Rain Boot

I am a women obsessed with staples. Far too long I had a closet full of clearance items and thrifted pieces that never got worn. I grabbed the same blue jeans, gray cashmere sweater, and plain white tee every time I had a chance to be casual. I am not saying that thrift and clearance finds are bad, I LOVE a good deal like the next women and will write more on it later. However, I am learning to be more specific about what I purchase because I will often wear the same 5 shirts week to week with different items to create many outfits. For me it’s better to hold on to my dollars for the one item I will constantly wear then to buy something just because it’s 40%. Some of the best wardrobe investments occur in shoes. Shoes are so very important and a Minnesotan girl can’t get through the harsh seasons without good boots!

Rewind to my collage years, specifically 2010, I purchased the Tretorn Skerry yellow rubber boot. I was really in love with these boots but I hadn’t yet made comfort a priority and these certainly fell short in that category. They were tight on the bridge of my foot and when sitting with legs crossed the opening cut off my circulation at my calves. Not great for the long hours I spend studying at coffee shops. These boots eventually leaked and cracked open along the top of the foot. Heart breaking for a collage student with no money to replace with a more quality item.

Now fast forward to May 2017. I am fortunate enough to be able to invest in good items. Shoes were hard for me to come around on as investment pieces. Too often I have purchased shoes on clearance from H&M, Target, DSW and various resale or thrift stores. Which again is not a bad thing, however, I tend to beat the heck out of my shoes. I would find one pair of cute summer flats and wear them until they were badly stained or had holes in the bottom by July.

I had been eyeing Hunter boots for years and finally made the plunge in May 2017 once I found the tall HUNTER Adjustable Calf boot in my favorite color, Hunter Green of course, at Nordstrom. Since I bought them at the end of Spring on the cusp of Summer, I was unsure how they would hold up against harsh Minnesota weather.

Summer: On rainy days they work well. The hard part for me is that since I have a larger calf, although I have the silhouette I want there’s not a ton of room for top-down air flow. On hot rainy days they are a bit too warm. I would maybe consider getting a shorter yellow gloss version for summer. (Had I not just bought new leopard print flats from and PAIGE jeans Nordstrom’s I would follow through with this one)

Fall: The perfect boot for Autumn! You never really know when a sunny day will turn stormy and downpour. The Hunter adjustable tall boot withstands any amount of rain and wind. These are comfortable enough to wear sitting for several hours. Often I’ll spend the first two hours at my desk still wearing mine before I change into other shoes. (I always bring an extra pair of shoes in my purse when I wear my Hunters.)

Winter: I wish I had a stat on how much Minnesotans spend on Winter Wear but I don’t, ha. Hunter boots have been an amazing for Winter. They are really convenient because I mostly wear skinny jeans or skinny dress pants to work. They just slid on and away I go. My biggest concern when commuting, we drive to a park and ride and wait for the a bus, is keeping my feet dry. Wet conditions are no match for the Hunter. One issue that can occur is if you are trekking it in deep snow that covers the entire foot of the boot is that the rubber will easily conduct the cold inward. I usually wear wool socks so it’s not an issue for me unless I’m shoveling for an hour or longer.

Spring: Great transition item to Summer. The Midwest eventually warms up and all the snow melts into giant puddles everywhere. I’m brought back to my days as a little girl living in rural Wisconsin til I was 7. My sisters and I would bring out our “mud boots” and slosh around in the ditches in the mud and water. The smell of spring is one of my favorite things and Spring remains in my opinion the best season. Wearing my Hunter boots in Spring brings me back to that little girl trudging around in puddles. Instead of sidestepping puddles, I go right through them now! Thanks Hunter boots!

In summary, the Hunter Adjustable Back Tall Matte Green Boot is worth every penny and I am so glad I bought them! Get yours this Fall here.

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